Portfolio Category: Completed

Campus Firenze

New university student housing
year: 2015-2019
location: Florence, Italy
client: Birillo 2007 scarl
status: completed

New entrance of Careggi Hospital

Headquarters and general facilities
year: 2006-2011
location: Florence, Italy
client: Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Careggi
with CSPE e Elio Di Franco
status: completed


Student housing Villa Val di Rose

year: 2008-2013
Location: Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
Client: University of Florence
with Paolo Felli and Massimo Gennari
status: completed

Nursing home for the elderly in Montemurlo

year: 2008-2011
location: Montemurlo, Prato, Italy
client: ASL 4 of Prato
status: completedvaivideo

Chianti Fiorentino Bank Headquarters

design competition with invitation, 1st prize
location: Sambuca, Florence, Italy
client: Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Chianti Fiorentino
status: completed

Internat, housing for disabled students

year: 2009-2013
International design competition, 1st prize
location: Lommel, Belgium
client: Het Gemeenschapsonderwijis
with Jan De Clercq
status: completed

Mazzolani Vandini Hospital

Extension and refurbishment
year: 2005-2011
location: Argenta, Ferrara, Italy
client: Azienda USL of Ferrara.
status: completed

Nursing home for the elderly in Poggibonsi

Community housing and day care centre
year: 2006-2008
location: Poggibonsi, Siena,Italy
client: ASL 7 Siena
status: completed

Nursing home for the elderly in Carpi

Year: 1997-2003
Location: Carpi, Modena, Italy
Client: municipality of Carpi
status: completed

Portable table

“DIECIxDIECI, tavoli, sedie e complementi di cartone”
within the event”Città sottili, luoghi e progetti di cartone” organized by Pietro Carlo Pellegrini
year: 2007