Portfolio Category: Public

Waldensian temple

year: 1986-1990
location: San Salvo, Chieti, Italy
client: Waldesian Board
status: completed

Don Renzo Paoli’s tomb

San Cresci cemetery
year: 1984
location: Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy
client: Ugo Paoli
status: completed

Primary school R. Fucini

Primary school, gymnasium, library and canteen
year: 2014-in progress
location: Albinia, Orbetello,Italy
client: Municipality of Orbetello
status: under construction

School complex in Aulla

nursery school, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, to realize with X-lam technology
year: 2013
location: Aulla, Massa Carrara, Italy
client: Damiani-Olz&Ko spa and Cla…

School complex “La Romanina”

Primary and secondary schools, gymnasium
year: 2005
International design competition in two phases, admitted to the second phase
location: Rome, Italy
client: Municipality of Rome
with Massimiliano…

New IUAV University Building

year: 1998
International competition in two phases, special mention
location: Venice, Italy
client: Venice university of Architecture
status: project

Lorenzo il Magnifico primary school

year: 1995-1997
location: Campi Bisenzio, Florence, Italy
client: Municipality of Campi Bisenzio
status: completed

Extension of Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital

New entrance and Emergency department, restoration of Radiology, Orthopedics and Blood-drawing departments
year: 2012
location: Bagno a Ripoli, Florence, Italy
client: Cooperativa Edil-Strade Imolese

School complex “La città della scuola”

Three high school buildings, gymnasium, auditorium, library, canteen, sport facilities
year: 2009-under construction
Competition in two phases, 1st prize
location: Sarno, Salerno, Italy
client: Province…