Portfolio Category: Urban projects

P.L Nervi Stadium and Campo di Marte area

year: 2022
Two-stage International design competition, 3rd prize
location: Florence, Italy
client: Comune di Firenze
status: project

Ipostudio Architetti + Eutropia Architettura
Rendering QuattroTerzi Lab


Via Grande urban restoration

year: 2022
International design competition in two phases, 1st prize
location: Livorno, Italy
client: Comune di Livorno
status: project
with QuattroTerzi lab

New urban development in Outapi

year: 2012-in progress
location: Outapi, Namibia
client: Camelthorn Business Ventures
status: in progress

Redevelopment of the former fruit, vegetable and flower market in Vignola

Commercial, residential and office buildings
year: 2012
location: Vignola, Modena,Italy
client: Municipality of Vignola
status: project

Piazza d’Armi Urban park

year: 2012
International design competition
location: L’Aquila, Italy
client: Municipality of L’Aquila
with: Giancarlo Cauteruccio and CAP Studio Architetti
status: project

New Headquarters of Perugia’s district

Urban planning and development of Pian di Massino area
year: 2007
International design competition, 2nd prize
location: Perugia, Italy
client: APM Infrastrutture srl
status: project

New urban park

Ex-Boschetti area
year: 2015
International design competition
location: Padova, Italy
client: Municipality of Padova
with: Francesco Messina
status: project

New Messina waterfront

ayear: 2011
International design competition
location: Messina,Italy
client: Municipality of Messina
with Vincenzo Melluso, Benno Albrecht , Patrizia Burlando (Studio Manfroni), Bodàr
status: project

Redevelopment of the Spreebogen area

year: 1992
International design competition
location: Berlin, Germany
client: Federal Republic of Germany and Land Berlin
status: project

Refurbishment of the St. Augustine Monumental complex

year: 2009
International design competition, selected to the second phase
location: Modena, Italy
client: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena
with Eugenio Vassallo
status: project