Portfolio Category: Housing

New urban settlement in Outapi

year: 2015-in progress
location: Outapi, Namibia
client: Camelthorn Business Ventures
status: in progress

Housing complex in Barberi’s street

year: 2010
location: Grosseto, Italy
client: Consorzio Etruria scrl
with Studio Archea
status: in progress

Progetto Flaminio

city of science district
year: 2015
International design competition
location: Rome, Italy
client: Municipality of Rome, CDP Investmenti Sgr
status: project
with Francesco Messina

“Le Navi” public housing complex

Refurbishment and retrofitting
year: 2003-2009
location: Le Piagge, Florence, Italy
client: STS Spa on behalf of the Municipality of Florence
status: completed

Live in Milan 2

new urban spaces for public housing developments
year: 2005
International design competition, special mention
location: Milan, Italy
client: Municipality of Milan
status: project

IFD Buildings

Industrialised, Flexible and Durable Buildings
flexible and adaptable housing
year: 2002-2004
research project funded by EC under the 5th Framework Programme
status: project

Housing complex “la Conca d’oro”

year: 1992-1999
location: Panzano, Florence, Italy
client: Immobiliare Caldine srl
with Mario Cotugno
status: completed

Social Housing in Melara

year: 1990
location: La Spezia, Italy
client: AedilConsortium Spa
with Emilio Bria, Mario Manfroni, Mario Carletti
status: completed