Portfolio Category: Museums

Nuovo Museo degli Innocenti

anno: 2012-2016
concorso di progettazione, 1° premio
luogo: Firenze
committente: Istituto degli Innocenti
stato: realizzato

National Museum at Vestbanen

year: 2009
International design competition
location: Oslo, Norway
client: Culture Ministry of Norway Governments
status: project

Science Centre

Science Center
year: 2015
International design competition
location: Naples, Italy
client: Fondazione IDIS Città della Scienza, Architects and Engineers Foundation
with: Francesco Messina
status: project

Guggenheim Museum

year: 2014
International design competition
location: Helsinki, Finland
client: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, State of Finland
City of Helsinki
status: project

Coverage of the Emperor Hadrian’s auditorium

year: 2014
International design competition
location: Rome, Italy
client: Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC)
status: project

Italian pavilion for Shanghai World EXPO 2010

year: 2008
International design competiton, 4°prize
location: Shanghai, China
client: General Government Commission for Shanghai Expo 2010
status: project


Academy of Fine Arts Gallery
year: 2014
International design competition
location: Zagreb, Croatia
client: Udruženju hrvatskih arhitekata (UHA)
with Sandra Meštrović and Vlatka Rajcic
status: project


National museum of Italian Judaism and Shoah
year: 2010
International design competition, special mention
location: Ferrara, Italy
client: MiBAC Region of Emilia Romagna
with André Benaim, Eugenio…

Open Lab

learning center in Sesto Fiorentino University Scientific Pole
year: 2008
location: Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy
client: University of Florence
status: completed