Portfolio Category: Offices

Chianti Fiorentino Bank Headquarters

design competition with invitation, 1st prize
location: Sambuca, Florence, Italy
client: Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Chianti Fiorentino
status: completed

New Headquarters of Perugia’s district

Urban planning and development of Pian di Massino area
year: 2007
International design competition, 2nd prize
location: Perugia, Italy
client: APM Infrastrutture srl
status: project

Redevelopment of the North West area in Parma

year: 2009
International design competition, 3rd prize
location: Parma, Italy
client: Municipality of Parma
with Politecnica, STS spa, Celestino Porrino
status: project

Safety Coordination Center

Firefighter, civil protection and police
year: 2014
International design competition
location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
client: Firefighter Department of Ljubljana
status: project

Regional Council headquarters

year: 2014
International design competition
location: Campobasso, Italy
client: Administrative Office of Molise Region
status: project

Industrial-administrative building and an urban park in Scandicci

year: 2012-in progress
location: Scandicci, Florence, Italy
client: Euroalfa srl, Pontedoro srl, Newton srl
with Officina 214
status: in progress

New Regional Council Headquarters

International design competition
location: Bari, Italy
client: Regione Puglia
with Politecnica, Netti Architetti, Stefano Serpenti
status: project

Architects and Engineers professional order office department

year: 1992
International design competition
location: Bari, Italy
client: Regional Association of Architects and Engineers of Puglia
status: project

Office building in Novoli

year: 2006-2008
location: Novoli, Florence, Italy
client: Immobiliare Novoli spa
status: project

New Headquarters in Atessa

year: 2006-2007
location: Atessa, Chieti, Italy
client: Europiemme srl
status: project